How do I complain about a candidate's campaign sign(s)?

In general, campaign signs fall under the purview of Free Speech. The Calvert County Election Board has no regulatory authority over the location of campaign signs except at polling places, early voting sites and ballot drop boxes. Signs at these areas can go up after 5pm the day before the site opens and must be taken down by 8am the day after the election (§ 10-101(a)(3)(iii) of the Election Law Article ).  

The State Highway Administration (SHA) prohibits any and all signs in the State's right-of-way. For more information, visit or call 410-841-5450, or 800-331-5603. Calvert County's Planning and Zoning Department follows the same guidelines as SHA for placement of signs on county roads. For more information, visit their web page to view the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 6-8.02), or call 410-535-2348.  The Towns of Chesapeake Beach (410-257-2230) and North Beach (410-257-9618), should be consulted if placing signs in either municipality.  A candidate should report any theft or destruction of signs to the Sheriff's Office at 410-535-2800.

Visit the Zoning Ordinance page here.

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