Do I need a business license?

Visit Maryland Business Express to find out if you need a license and how to apply.

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1. How can my business become a vendor for Calvert County Government?
2. Do I need a business license?
3. Do I need a trader's license?
4. How do I find commercial property available for sale or lease?
5. How do I apply for a liquor license?
6. What types of business assistance is available to new and existing businesses?
7. I am interested in holding a ribbon cutting for my business. How can the Department of Economic Development help?
8. How can I be added to your distribution list?
9. I need financing for my business expansion. Can the department help?
10. Who are Calvert County’s major employers?
11. What other incentives are available to business?
12. How can I obtain demographic information for Calvert County?