Solid Waste Fund

Control of solid waste is managed by the Division of Solid Waste and Recycling under the Department of Public Works. In fiscal year 1992, the Board of County Commissioners established the Solid Waste and Recycling Fund which made the division a self-supporting enterprise fund. To that end, landfill impact fees for all new residential and commercial construction, an increase in the tipping fee and an increase in the fee for solid waste per household were instituted in fiscal 1994 to help defray the cost of constructing and operating the Appeal Landfill.

Excise Tax

An applicant for a building permit for new residential construction (except for construction of a building replacing a dwelling) or for building construction that results in the change in the use of a property from any other use to residential use shall pay the building excise tax at the time of the issuance of the permit or in installments as shown in the table below.

The first installment shall be paid by check made payable to the Calvert County Treasurer before the issuance of a building permit or for a change of use. The second and third payments shall be billed on the tax bill for the property for the two tax years immediately following the tax year in which the first payment was made. Early payment of any balance due on the building excise tax is permitted. Payment of the tax for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings shall be made at the time the building permit is issued.

Type of Residential Structure or Unit
Total Tax
Due at Permit Issuance
Second Installment
Third Installment
Single-family detached
Single-family attached
Manufactured (mobile) home
Bona fide elderly unit

Note: The building excise tax, which appears on the tax bill, is a lien against the real property and shall be enforced in the same manner as are county real property taxes, and shall have the same priority and bear the same interest and penalties as county real property taxes for lien purposes.