Equipment Rental Programs

Farmer in tractor preparing land with seedbed cultivator, sunset shot

Calvert County farmers benefit from two equipment rental programs:

Calvert Soil Conservation District (CSCD) Equipment Rental Program

410-535-1521, x3
With the exception of the Weed Wiper and King 6640 Grain Vac, the equipment in this program is only available for rent by Calvert County cooperators. For more information on the type of equipment available or to rent equipment, visit CSCD's website.

SMADC’s Equipment Rental Program

301-274-1922, x1
SMADC funded the purchase of some equipment that is available to all farmers in Southern Maryland. For a complete list of available equipment, visit SMADC’s website. SMADC has also purchased commercial meat freezer trailers that are available for rent by any Southern Maryland livestock farmer. Contact information for renting freezer trailers can also be found on SMADC’s website.