County Overview

Quick Contact Numbers

Division Number
Water and Sewer 410-535-1600, ext. 2554
Public Works Main Line 410-535-2204 or 410-535-2205

System Composition

Calvert County is home to approximately 90,000 residents. The majority of county residents are served by private water systems, individual wells and traditional septic systems. Public water and sewerage service is provided to pocket communities and town centers.

The county’s wastewater system is comprised of 5 wastewater treatment plants, 47 wastewater pump stations, 32 miles of force main and 34 miles of gravity sewer outfalls. The water system is comprised of 19 water systems, 77 miles of water main, 14 elevated storage tanks, and 7 hydropheumatic tanks.

The county Water and Sewerage Division is subdivided into 3 operational service areas: the Northern Service Area, Central Service Area, and Southern Service Area. Each area has a supervisor that oversees system maintenance, plant operations and emergency response.

  • Central Service Area- The Central Service Area is composed of Prince Frederick, the Industrial Business Park and several community water systems. The area is served by 2 wastewater treatment plants and 5 elevated storage tanks. The district boundaries are north of Prince Frederick, along Plum Point Road, and south along Broomes Island Road.
  • Northern Service Area- The Northern Service Area is composed of 3 town centers (Dunkirk, Huntingtown and Owings), small municipal water systems, one institutional sewerage treatment plant, and one municipal wastewater treatment plant. The district boundary is north of Prince Frederick and runs along Plum Point Road.
  • Southern Service Area- The Southern Service Area is composed of St. Leonard, Lusby and Solomons Island, along with pocket community water systems. The area is served by one wastewater treatment plant. The district boundary runs along Broomes Island Road and north of Port Republic.